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This Is Nigeria By Felix Zachariah Auta

POSTED 06/07/2018 15:47
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O Look at the Garden of Eden
Where the Most High had blessed with beauty
She stood there like a mad woman in the village square naked
Alas the Powers had taken her to the market to market
O Great giant of African soil
Do you deserve this grandiloquent mendaciloquence?
The long arm of the Law had lusted
Lusted after the flowering flowers of the heads
The game Politics hath become a bugaboo
A Hide-out where criminals share the booty
A Pulpit where in-no-saint powers preached diluted gospels
A brothel where we are served sweet pain dubbed Change.

This is Nigeria – the message of Hell
Where lives are ironed with the promise of democracy
O Good people, great nation
How come suddenly you got perversed?
I saw the green-white flag laughed 3 years ago
And today, ululate like a woman, in labour, in a push
Moaning, crying, sobbing, weeping.
Who so ever called on the name of the lord, shall be saved
Now that Boa-ri had hailed crazy-demo
“Allah is great” I know they of the crescent-moon say
How come they are fanatics now, unlike yesterday?
Tell this is Nigeria – The holy Pharisee
Please, what is that big log in your eyes?
In your lies, I have seen worst sins on sins
O Hail the grand commander of the republic
That sits on the pinnacle of evil
Characterized by dog-whistling and Machiavellianism
Where Great Solomons suffer our father land to see corruption
Where peace is an unfriended foreigner
Where truth is expurgated and replaced with lies
Lies that takes flight in verbosity
And public opinion is liable to life imprisonment
I hail thee, Masters of rule-lawyerism.
Tell my family that the WORD is not death
Tell them to look at Uncle Sam and seek not help
There is more to them than meet the eyes
Stick to your gods for they will rise.

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