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The Zoo By Aniebiet Effiong

POSTED 04/28/2018 14:37
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They say a man is a vagabond,
When he walks void of a destination.
I ask, how do we call those,
Whose abode is a deathi-nation like 'lie-geria'?
Tell me,
How do we call those,
Who stay in a zoo like 'nigh-geria'?
-Where the lost dapchi girls are searching for themselves.
-Where Politicians are 'In-no-saint',
-Rats chase men out of office,
-Men turn to snakes swallowing millions.
-Men turn to monkeys carting away millions.
-Python dances on the streets spreading its poison.
When I told moma about this place,
She said all I have to do is to be and live.
'Be-live' that one day it shall be well.
I told her it is well and I'm sinking already.
Maybe all I need do is be and leave.
Yes, I have to 'be-leave'.

The zoo (II)
Yes-today I asked a girl,
What is Nigeria?
She said, Nigeria is a name of a person, animal place or thing.
My mouth was visited with laughter.
I told her Nigeria is a place where animals live,
It is the 'sin-onym' of zoo.

They say I shouldn't speak ill of her,
Lest I get my hands and legs, bound with fetters like the biblical Paul.
But why shouldn't I speak ill of she,
- Who is ill but refuses to call a doctor.
- Who had murdered they who mothered her,
- Whose beauty had faded,
Like the smiles of her Youths,
Who wander joblessly on the streets.

Brother kworuption cried
Of how the leaders of the zoo,
use his name,
To suppress the lower-class animals,
Yet they sup and dine with him daily.
I saw a man who walked with his head,
Waving at the leaves.
I wondered but quickly remembered where I stay.
A place where snakes,
Do the management of the currency.
I read a 'nur-see-hating' headline,
How a herbsmen had an 'inter-curse' with a cow,
Mocking the act of husband and wife.
Oh Ni-zoo-rians! Shall these ever end?

The zoo (III)
There are places blessed with,
-Pain-ters who paints lies white and truth black.
-Carpenters who drives nails of hunger into the stomach of their customers.
-Welders who welds woods to metals.
The zoo is one of those places.
Last time a man walked into my mother's corn-tree,
And stole away her maize.
The zoo is a 'sin-ema' with animals as cast,
-Some play the role of herdsmen,
Controlling cows with their guns hidden,
While the cows 'corn-trolls' the poor widow's crops.
-Some play the role of hoodlums,
Snatching away authority from the makers,
Only to dump it in under the flyovers,
Leaving the red 'charm-bars' powerless.
If the men on khaki were too blind to see,
And so weak to cure the National 'ass-embly',
Then I weep for the dying Benue.
Tomorrow a baldless man of seven decades,
Will call his younger ones lazy,
Forgetting how messy, his reign has been.
And how he's been racing backward,
Eversince the baton was handed to him.

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