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The Past By Adetayo Omotoyosi DarkPoet

POSTED 07/08/2018 19:23
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I used to make bridges
With people's words
And let their tears flow underneath.
But now I am free like thin air.

My enemies tears became my bathing water
I soaked myself in it
Like a dry cleaner does to his goods
Wishing it will rid me of my impurities.

I looked up the firmament
And coruscate my love for them
Clasp them like clapping congregants
And inhume my ire for them.

Betoken of the consequences of hatred
The trees bent and warned my kindred
Not to cleave to atrabilious life
Nor bestrew,
Nor dive into the ocean of rife.

No longer will I be a slave to my emotions
Nor dolour into the past.
I will look at the man in the mirror,
I will feed my focus and sparkle at my distractions.

In retrospect,
My wings were beehived with activities;
Hatred, failures, mistakes, pity and frustrations.
Randomly occupying my lonesomeness.
The anguish that besieged my circumspect.

I penned my thoughts into the ocean of knowledge
Like the village elders do during chaos
Randomly seeking solutions and edge
Over the soul that once held me captive.

History cannot be complete without looking back
I fought front and back
With my past and my worries,
Like the Nazis did during world war.

I ducked my worries with stiffness
Quietly absolving me from my numbness
And setting me free like the birds in the sky.
Time tick, tick and click.

The cockrow
Whispered a new day.
The birds sing melodious love song
Flying 'here and there'
Like a balloon.

The basket was filled with knowledge
Leaving no drops of carnage.
Pregnant with dreams,
Fighting like the lord of the rings
A voice oozed out a new life.

Birth amidst difficulties
A giant appeared like an angel
Putting up assurance like Davido
Chioma is here again!

But I am not looking for a sister,
I have seen the new me,
Flashing like a thunder!
Singing a new song like Stevie wonder.

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