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The Heart Series By Elias Andrevn

POSTED 04/20/2018 14:27
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Dear Heart,
- A thousand shards of glass for your pain
- Fire-stones where you can forever trap these memories.
- Shooting stars for those thoughts
- Oyster pearls for your eyes
- Flashing lightnings for your nails:
You'd rake the mask away.

- Spleeting dew for each time you cry
- A hurricane for when you sigh
- Power to you in molten liquid brass
When you feel the time is right.

Dear Ex-lover,
I bent myself at the waist for you
Scraped my hair
Burnt memories of us
My eyes were lite with fire
I tasted pain at the tip of my tongue
Drip-drap my tears fell at your feet;
Bubbles of memories crashed on my chin.

You made me,
A monster long asleep, now awakened.
You made me reach out for a part long forgotten,
Lost in the creases of your smile.

Dear Ex-lover,
How we were two souls on a journey,
On different paths to self-discovery.
One day, we met at a juncture and the Earth stood still.
Fireflies danced with a new radiance.
Like emerging butterflies, we crawled out, heart first from our cocoons.
And then. Death.

Somehow, it felt wrong:
- For the sun to smile
- For the moon to cloak herself in slivering silver
- For the harmattan to chap my lips where your wet kisses once stood
- For the wind to pull at my clothes like a flag hoisted for the first time
- To finally find myself without you.
But somehow, it felt right to let pain be the new muse where you once stood.

Dear Heart,
Ex-lover is back.
He thinks I am a spilled milk that will be salvaged with words dipped in innuendos,
That while he appendend his signature of broken lines on my body and walked into the sunset I stayed a wilted flower.

Dear Ex-lover,
I too walked into the sun.
But unlike you, I came out brand new.

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