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The Heads-Men By McDaniels Afanghideh

POSTED 09/21/2018 12:47
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They make their subtle journey
Traversing from the north
Perching on lands foreign
Reaping from where they sow not

Clothe in unceremonious regalia
Distinguished by their evil-weaved hat
As cowboys from the countryside
Convoyed in car-tle of cows
With number plate boldly stating on it
'The Fulani Herdsmen'

Weapons in their hands serves as whip
Armed to their toothless teeth
Ransacking villages night and day
Gunning down who never trespasses their way
Men and women they take as one
Casting death spells on children
With their magic wand
Labourers from their labour
Are caught off guard
Left to swim in their pool of blood

Cries of babies resonate the air
Enveloped with deafening echoes
Yet the Head's Men pay deaf ears
Silence they blurt is Gold
A letter of condolence be their
Opening speech at the close of the ceremony
While the herdsmen amble
out on their next journey
Reciting the words of their mentor, terminator
We'll be back, Again!

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