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The Dreamer By Boluwatife Oyedeji

POSTED 04/06/2018 14:15
1815 Reads The Dreamer By Boluwatife Oyedeji, Tushstories
The brilliant future of your aspiration is awaiting you
Really, your golden night full of sensational ornament of assuagement is awaiting you
The frosty tide and time and the smoky sky trapped in the gossamer of bloody phase
Your moon and the sun arduously attempting to diverge out from scintillation base,
Yet engulfed in the drama of trauma to debilitate your mind for the best of retrogression
Never look back, in beauty and passion embrace your vision
Right from the state of nativity man is constrained to behold the plot of hell
But through mulish emotion to stand out for victory you'll rise after a fall
As no one is infallible in the glebe of sweat and labour impinged with fallibility
But through tactfulness and carefulness you'll begin to dance in the rain of sensitivity
You're the weaver of your life, strive dogmatically to make it thrive
No road is absolutely smooth and free from anxiety as you keep your burning sprint in the life race
Frankly face the race in the liveliness of your spirit to see a better phase
The dreamers are the men of valour exploring their land of ordainment with strong flame of persistency and insistency
And through stark perseverance and tolerance they walk on the exquisite spring of balance
They are the effort applicant that walk in the valley of commitment through dedication and consistency
They drink water from the well of motivation for them to stage out a future dance
United with the moment of exhilaration from the product of horror, labour and flaw,
Since no events in the circle of work is processed as all are in the state of raw
With your holy hand containing the vibrant tools begin to dig soil towards erecting the solid foundation of your future
With the liberation of the salty fluid you'll surely get the best structure
In the early stage of your life forget not to call for the heavenly aid
In the middle stage of your life forget not to seek for God's brolly
With your thinking bank and mind of actualization ensure you bleed
Make the present payment for you to drive into your land of glory
Who are the dreamers?
The dreamers are the men of foresight with unquenchable flame of vision forcefully radiating for the best of acquisition
Who are the dreamers?
The dreamers are the men in the arena of passion where the arrows of exploration is being launched in action
Whatsoever you find to do, do it with all your spirit and might
For through active spirit of deeds and done the future light is made to come
The dreamers are best known with their ability to spin something out of nothing for exceptional beauty
Who are the dreamers?
The dreamers are explorers, explorers are thinkers, thinkers are dreamers

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