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The Cost Of A Life By Felix Zachariah Auta

POSTED 06/26/2018 12:27
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The echoes of these memories are like the corrosiveness of acid
Flowing through my heart and no one; I could turn to
J-town is aflame in the chaos of the crisis,
leaving but a deserted desert-like grave yard in desolation and ashes.
2001, 2008, 2010 and 2011
These years remind me of hell that I still battle till date
Years that were injected with the venom of religious extremism
Painted with agony and sorrow that maimed the generations of the morrow
How long shall we continue to pogo in the nemesis of our actions?
It is said that for every action there is a counter reaction
But I say, for every sowing, there is always a reaping season
Oh Cain, where is your brother – Abel?
I know you know, what goes around comes around.
Flesh of souls left remains of dry bones
After each crisis, there was always a left-over meal for mother earth
Beautiful - the way they went giving an embrace to her
Leaving us exasperated, heartbroken and in perpetual weep
How I wish it was an embrace back to life; but it wasn’t.
Yes, my Lazarus was never raised from death.

Gone were the days the herdsmen were harmless men
Going about, grazing cattle on the paths of greener pastures.
Today, we hear of gun-men gunning down their fellow man
“…they killed our cows”, I heard them say
But the cost of life, knowest not they
Look! How they kill their blood brothers, sat back, relaxed and never bothered.
I am a Muslim not a Christian
I am a Christian not a Muslim
Spells the right of “freedom of religion”.
But you encroached back into my region, to murder me in a haste
Because you have judged me down to an infidel in your Religion.
I see the future bleeding from the nemesis of Adam’s handiwork
Ululating in pains, agony, for she couldn’t continue the journey
If her ancestors had travelled into their future - her present
They would have coronated her life with the Beaut of Eden.

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