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Silk By Tydale Abigail

POSTED 05/21/2018 14:54
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Harry was a young boy
Blessed with a blonde hair
In the house of Charles
Many years ago in Sussex.

Pretty younger was his humble smile
Hovering on the orchard of the Windsor home
And searching out of the castle windows
For the maid who could smile in return.

In the pool
At the games
On the streets
Harry's smiles never had a rest.

The days tried to caution his smiles from unwanted questions
But the nights were ready to give him hopes
As he could whisper to the stars all at once
And request that they paint his smiles on the clear blue sky.

One day in Summer
The queen was asleep
And the king was in court
But Harry went away.

He went far away from the castle
To where royal horses could not search
To the place where the prince's cart could not ride
And there, he sat.
Upon the stars, Harry looked
A thousand miles into Botswana
In the shores of Africa
There were scribbled in pink "Meghan."

Harry's smile was shaped in the heart of Meghan
His hands were felt on the softness of her shock
And although, she was painted in the center of the sky,
She choosed to follow Harry down to earth.

Out of ten million wishes
Meghan only prayed that Harry would be kind
And Harry continued to answer
That Meghan was most amazing.

If the Lords only knew how well to polish a skin
And the royals only knew how well to crown a person
Perhaps, Meghan's blood would have been changed
Or her family would have been bought a crown.

Yet, her mother was toned in black
Just like the blood of her love
And her white dress was supported in black
From the dress of Harry.

Did you know that Meghan was born before the prince?
But Harry's love was older than the bride
Did you know that the Duchess was married at first?
But the Duke was first to marry her last.

So, thirty-six years later, Meghan was adorned in White Silk
She stood at the entrance to the Windsor Chapel
To give a reply to Harry's smile
Who would soon sit on the royal seat.

Harry could kiss, as Meghan requested
The both could smile as the crowd only watched
This was the day the Heavens revisited Sussex
After the throne had slept for a hundred and seventy-five years.

"To you darling Meghan,
You look amazing
I can tell the stars now and forever
That I'm lucky to have you."

"And to you beloved Harry,
Your kindness is beautiful.
I can seal every word now and forever
As the gold from your palace settles in my finger forever."

So when the wines were wasted in the mouths of every guest
And the golden plates were scattered on the crystal floor.
Everyone sprinkled his ink on the royal walls of England
Wishing Harry and Meghan a happy married life.

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