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Shelter of Painful Memories (To Madam Emily Apata) By Olatubosun David

POSTED 04/27/2018 13:47
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Some tears never dry
Some wounded heart never heals...
I never dream
Of sheltering a painful memory
My soul never thinks of drinking from the spring of tragedy
From the nostalgic pang of childhood days

You’ve loved and nursed me more than anyone can do
Giving me a sound foundation
You’ve chastised me more than my teacher could do
Teaching me lessons of life
And now
You’ve caused me more pain than a snake bite could do
Twisting my stiffed neck straight and
Pulling off my milk teeth by force
Declaring “Little boy grow”

The blow of your sudden departure hammered my head hard
Causing me strong trauma than a fever can do
The agony of your death smothers my lucidity
Dazzling me more than a thousand slaps can do
And yet unveiled my muffled face
To see from another face that
Life is not always a paradise of pleasure
But a planet of pains and pleasure

Your children remember you for a caring heart
Market women remember you for training them
To make wealth
You were a mother of mothers
A mother of a million market ideas
An excellent cook
A fearless explorer

Dayo, you remember, mother pecked our backs
When we impressed her
Promising us head of a cock
And promising to buy our Christmas dress
From farm proceeds?
You also remember she flogged us when we erred
Pointing to our error
And promising to deny us dinner
Which she would later give us
Giving us extra sometimes
Or that we prefer roasting cocoyam
After a delicious dinner?

But, mother sent me on a journey
Knowing my frail and pessimistic heart
She quickly departed before my return
Leaving me with no word of consolation
Except solace in her warnings of honest correction
That reverberate continually in my shelter of painful memories.

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