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Shattered Shell By David Lein Victor and Okpoh Omonemi Maris

POSTED 04/29/2018 16:04
2247 Reads Shattered Shell By David Lein Victor and Okpoh Omonemi Maris, Poetry on Tushstories
Welcome to my world.
Welcome to the story of my worst.
It happened in the middle of the storm
destroying thousands of joyful soul,
leaving behind shattered souls,
and causing great laughter to its source.

I still hear the sounds that echoed;
Wailings, cries, the pandemonium roared.
The fear in our hearts
led our feet to race.
It was the beginning of the torture,
a path with no structure.

A path the sun rays could not foresee,
the moon and stars concede.
Twisted fate could this be called?
or did Morai and Atropos ignore the cord?
Just one drop of water, I beseeched,
to get the wailings, cries, and pandemonium impeached.

Whip! Whip!
Striking strokes smeared bruises on my skin.
My plea brought me scars
from dreaded souls wandering far.
Then the light turned darkness,
and pain sealed the lips of hopes.

Upon striking another rows of strokes
that left me in a devastated stroll,
I beheld the heavens disguised as the dreaded souls
racing through the earth like a rugged hole
and with him lies a heavenly two-edged sword
piercing their heart and leaving them with no words.

Thy love oh Heavens
Had me tasting victory,
and has restored freedom to my hope.
Yes, my scars live,
only to tell of the testimonies I breathe.
This is my story; I conquered.

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