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Shattered Night By Fredrick Elumah

POSTED 06/19/2018 13:18
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A walk in the woods by dawn,
bush paths covered in fogs,
hunt for monkey; a merry -
meant for my taste for meat.
as I walked, pointing gun to tree's
I had missed my step
slipped down the hills
leaving but traces of leaves and broken sticks...
The urge to screem for help was gone
as I rolled down facing a bee hive
the hunter became the hunted
so sudden...
they covered me up like food,
but I was not stung
instead I heard song
harmoniously they sang like arc angels hymnal
I was thrown ashore...
I closed my eyes and reopened,
hoping to wake up from illusion,
they took to their feet, talked, fed and mingled like men,
I was led to the queen.
In deception, angered by my presence
like a metallic gang
her voice sounded loud as she spoke with authority.
who do I ask to help me?
She quickly said...
"Life you came from is like a hill
the creator made it steep and slippery
once you are in
you cannot turn back."
I must climb with a load on my head,
a man's arm will not help him; for its trails
I’m in for trial...
"At the gate of the dead
you will pass before a searching judge
his justice is true and final
he will find your every stains"
Even under my skin?
What if he finds no stains on my feet?
"Open your belly to enjoy
for you have overcome
and will be free once again
go... go..."
Tears began to drop
had I know!
A plea of my unending suffering
my lighting darkness lost
in the midst of trouble I sit to succor
too vast and enormous
urge for prayer gone...
Like a shrug of fondle,
pity began to disappear
even faster than an evaporating fuel
my thought began to take shapes...
Igloo built on my desires of NO GOD
I have believe in nothing
no God, no creation,
now punished by my words
pains spurred my poems
tears of blood
how do I get back home?
Am I truly dead?
I hear that the dead are never gone:
they live in thickening shadows
in the tree that is rustles
in the wood that groans
in the water that runs...
for answers I got aches
truth far gone
drifted ashore
a rhetorical I see...
my name began to sound in distance
I woke up only to discover I was dreaming
a shattered night indeed

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