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Little Holes From A Rough Wrapper By Okeke Echezona Fhagzy

POSTED 07/12/2018 13:33
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Want is never a little boy's future.
Because flower is at every corner in life,
realize them and they'll paint you like territory.
Simple songs in life are for celebration in goals,
any change is a goal A breathe from my ribs.

Blood is the water to the flowers of Eden.
Till life becomes a mad man, blinding skies and mountains,
No human can ever move Dreams in portrait,
you can make it a verb.
Believe me, changes are beneath probability.
I do not want burnt men to show me the goal post,
they'll take me to hell.
One fruit can make life go faster,
But some life are bunch of keys lost in lust.
They meet the life they saw yesterday tomorrow.
Once saw the fall of sorrows in tongues of daunted succors.
Like trees, like kids dying in tomorrow's juice.
Today is a retired keeper, he could not say any word but I quit.
In my heart, doves drew a circle and set them on fire,
To do this, I'm covered from attack,
I'm defensive like eagles on chronic places.
In the belly of young women,
throw lite and see mountains with painted minds.
Tomorrow they'll be born and bring out the memories of dead men,
change them to testimonies of good people.

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