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Room 5 Edyma By Village Writer Crew

POSTED 03/14/2018 16:56
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“From my nearest distance
let me dug your heart & plant my golden seed of love
Can you hear the ringing heart & the tune of my lips blaring at the corridor of your ears?

“This room full of wings that speed our love
and gauge how lovely your grapes grow in our bonded heart.
I stock your name in my eyes till our barn of love fills.

“Roses live for the love you bring.
The green attires in my garden for your dress.
Your native’s smiles indicate you're 18+
and your smartness sew our affection into marital beatitude.

“You are beautiful that stars bleed envy.
the truth I seek for years and your name in this room be like a designated wallpaper.

“Your eyes tell a story.
Your erected breast is a song of home call
and your skin of gold tune my fourteen heartstrings.

“I write with holy ink
and paint your beauty like a painter of monalisa
and save in the epicenter of my righteous heart.
This room full of your fragrance
and I have my letters that chain me and you on the palms of every dancing leafs.

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