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Rock Of Aegis By Chidi Emmanuel Chinonso

POSTED 07/03/2018 11:38
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Dear godly Lord, there in thee our soul finds sole solace.
When we're tossed like billows of dust,
to thine swift guard we'll thrust our trust.
In thine kingdom's worth let us rise as yeast-
forge with us thereof, thine true own at least.
Carest Thou not that we're thine care?
petite sheeplings of thine pasture?
The ol' evil one nay relents, knowing we're his dare-
with us he aims to taste of crude vengeance; its real texture.
Be Thou our guide while imbroglios last,
to the tenure of thine ownership over us we seek no past.
We beseech you, Owner of Earth and skies
clasp us to thine bosom even as time flies.
Tis you that we're talking,
tis thine great self; the universe's Monarch.
On the heavenly hustle and without despair,
we'll continue trotting- that You might on that morn
and in solemn peace, ease our ache.
Even when spiced sin brings us to the fore of thine rear-
cause us to remember the aftermath of Calvary's coup
and all you've done to rear.
Pray, opulent God, lead us apart from temptation's path-
help us sign for iniquity an animosity pact.
Grant us, esteemed Rock of aegis, thine grace-
to stage and vanguish the foe every lap of this race.

The end.

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