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Please Ask First By Ohanado Uche Erudite

POSTED 03/16/2018 12:54
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If you could be me for a day, I wish
Then maybe you’ll understand
Maybe you’ll turn around and shake my hand
Maybe you’ll be shocked at what you’d find
Well it’s not easy to be different
I didn’t ask for this present
But everything comes at a cost
I’m grateful for with me a few was thrust

It pains that you work so hard
You have your way with words but talk little
You’re dope but you roll with the nerd people
You’re strong, but you act feeble
All this and you still get stabbed with the needle
Your words stung my heart like a bee
Why not just ask at the start from me
You didn’t, you just said all the bad things
Announced my flaws with loud rings

It’s not all right
I know am not perfect, but I don’t deserve this
I don’t deserve to be judged by first impressions
Or assessed with vague impressions
I say look again with warm intention
Be my guest and you’ll skim with pleasure

It’s funny how silence can be intimidating
How you can be the villain in timid hatings
How the appraisals forgive the backbiting
How sweet sarcasm is called smart fighting
Ok, I complicate things a much bit
Then be simple coz opposites are the best fit
I won’t hate you for trying to be a friend best
But before you say true, can you please ask first?

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