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Nkrumah's Canteen By Uketui Anthony

POSTED 03/11/2018 13:35
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Faded tiles, aging floor paints,
Brown and ebony looking ceilings,
Nailed with noises and voices,
Helpless crates, and smiley bulbs,
Tainted yellow paints,
Queues formed at the counter,
Orders given, orders caught,
Floating words, scattered junks,
Heaps of dirt’s, belches echoed,
Opened drinks, crunched up cookies and biscuits,
Spilled drinks and broken bottles,
Worsening the faded tiles, and floor paints,
White chairs, blue chairs all in array,
Blue tables, round tables all arranged,
Rich asses and broke asses well sited,
Earlobes enriched with sounds erupting from the stereo,
Nylons and wrappers munched up by the dust bins,
Airy oxygen, choked up carbon, rusty blades,
Louver paned, curtains draped,
Snacks eaten, food devoured, drinks
Once again belches echoed,
Mop sticks and broom needless,
A home, a shop, a meeting point,
Crates of minerals, sacks of sachet water,
Well-arranged at plain and narrow corners,
Stained footpaths, and cold entries,
Unseen cobwebs, obvious spiders,
Crawling with their subtle tentacles,
Situated in a lady setting,
Activities took place, eating and reading,
Chatting, and drinking,
Church rats, and thugs present,
Values, norms and culture absent,
Into a market stall it gradually turns,
With sinking words staying afloat,
The to be stall almost drowned,
Belly filled and belly starved present,
Pretty and ugly girls seen at the,
Spills of drink made, leaking mouths present,
Leftovers, dogs present,
Cold and refreshing, they seemed to talk,
Money begged, wallets pleaded,
Shiny nylons and wrappers,
Addiction to edibles and junks,
Attractions to plastic and canned drinks,
Its structure and setting,
To some a distraction,
To others an inspiration,
To me it was an admiration and an inspiration,
I caught fun and saw it as a reading spot,
As pretty girls stood at the counter,
And the welcoming tables and chairs,
Ready to receive eaters and readers,
Friends made, bonds made,
From sips of drinks to blood ties,
Not marriage, not marriage,
Just friends who gradually turned family,
A home, a meeting point, a shop,
It was my favorite canteen,

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