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Nancy By Uketui Anthony

POSTED 10/08/2018 14:53
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I’m terrible at lies, so you know,
I planned on going old school, but I reconsidered,
Maybe my shorts were tardy or my long socks dirty,
Just maybe, until I saw posts of u in different angles and multicolored views,
At first, I couldn’t recognize you, maybe it was the strong basic and the great hairdo,
Or perhaps the extra white dentition and the glossy lips,
But I said to myself, “you always had those” so what’s so special,
I viewed, reviewed and reviewed but the wonderful scent of perfume,
emanating from the pictures seemed to obstruct,
What the hell, they were cakes on the posts, cake emojis,
A thought came to my head, but I waved it off,
it came again but I performed my latter actions,
It was real, I mean those thoughts, it was her birthday,
Whoa, shame on me,
I felt uneasy and really disturbed, I had forgotten, it skipped my mind,
I could now see it, it was hidden in her beauty code, but I had to make up,
I had to, I had to,
Dear Nancy, celebrations are utmost, but appreciation is key,
Dear Nancy, one year added means a year closer to death,
Forgive me really, I’m not here to preach,
A church can handle that,
I’m a friend who acknowledges a friend,
I’m a friend who recognizes an entrepreneur,
I’m human too, I get turned on by an extraordinary,
October 4th, royals were birthed, but one stood out,
A one without a crown or a throne, just codes, just beauty codes,
Happy birthday Nancy the FANCY,

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