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My Prize By Chinedu Vincent Okoro

POSTED 05/27/2018 16:44
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I ate pains in the morning
But gains consoled me at night.

I tilled the ground in sweat
It left me with an empty pot
But Superman looked down
and saw my eyes' water and
filled my pot to the brim.

I zipped up when Delilah
sold herself to me on a
platter of gold
But sound life
became my lot.

I eschewed the guild of
low minds at the sunrise
But high minds had no option
to dine me at sunset.

I fell in love with my books
even under the thickness
of a stinging sun
But escorted in an air
conditioned Benz.

I swallowed the saliva
of my teachers when others
spat it out
But success looked at me
and stood still.

I was cajoled for the
rags I wore at the onset
But Boutiques folded
when I entered at downset.

I married the cross when
others stigmatized it
But crown became my
Ultimate prize.

Now I have the ultimate
I have become the worst
foe of scorpions
and that's why they want
to sting me alive.

I have become an eyesore
to snakes and that's why
they want to inject
me with their venoms.

I have become a meat
to cannibals and that's why
they want to chew my flesh.

I have become a peacock
to weaklings and that's why
they want to cut my feathers.

I have become a blood sucker
to long mouths and that's why
they bent on burning my image.

I have become Mr. 419 to
laziers and that's why they
want to sell me to the

But I am not sleepless
Because, I cooked my
food in a neat pot
I scored the goal in
a neat net
I wrote eligibly on
a neat board
I killed the elephant
with a neat trap
I deserved the prize
and I have it!!!

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