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My Heart Beats For Lucy By Festus Ukwueze

POSTED 09/14/2018 14:17
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I was quite extraordinary
Beating down all of the odds
Never trusting anyone
Always doing it myself
All the records had it
I was on a lone stride
Slowly galloping down the aisle
I was a lone ranger

But I never let it show
Less I lose my show
For I was hell a pinch of a person
And I did things my way, people loved me for that
My action, my speech, my life
All of no pretence
I never had fear
One might think that I had turned unsullied

But within me lay a hollow space
A chasm yet unfilled
I didn’t quite understand
I had everything
But I still lacked
Harems and arrays of ladies I had
Fun I had
But the chasm still remained

Everyone tries to do their best to love
Everyone had their love
I felt like I was sore
That’s why I hadn’t loved one
I took the hint and dropped my harem
Searched and searched and searched
Orisons I began to offer
Let the god of love show me his light

Love is not a game
That was what life taught me
And I had to learn it the hard way
I learnt not to force things to happened
I learnt to just let them be
To let them align with my life when the time is right
To trust fate to show the way
Patience I gained then

Then came the right time
Cupid was on a shooting spree
Then you happened
Touché, my heart, touché
I was definitely sure that you were the one
You were unstoppable
Like a Porsche with no brakes
I was finally a passenger of love

This is my first time being a passenger
I know this road will twist and turn
And I let you lead the way anyways
Because I know that I am in good hands
The love I have for you is like a fire
To bright that it dims down a notch
And so it will remain, am sure
Till the sun sets in the east and rises in the west

You cannot be a queen
Your grace and beauty surpasses that of any crown
Perfectly sublime, salient, flawless and indespicable
Best words to describe you
From the very first kiss
I knew this cookie was for the baking
With little work, I could remember the joy of that first kiss

Now that you are mine
I pray thee to never leave
Never leave in a locker full of hurt
I want to find the inner us
I want to see the world with you
I want no regrets
Because this is a cliff I must jump
I hope we never come to one another’s truce

Never you terrify me
Never you treat me like a toy
Let us walk instead of run
I fear I might lose you in dash
Show me how strong you are
Never let me savour a façade you
I am a lover that can turn into a fighter
Because our love is not worth playing chicken with

Alas my heart
Hollow gone, chasm filled
I never want to impress
All I want is to keep you forever mine
I won’t hesitate to play foolhardy
To acquiesce for you
A sledgehammer I will own
To smash into bits any foe

Encomiums I give
Your rhapsody fills my heart
Encomium oh my Lucy
Your grandeur cannot be compared
I wish you could see through my eyes and heart
To see what you are to me
Oh my Lucy, how my heart beats for you

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