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Midnight Musings Of Your Woman By Martins Deep

POSTED 08/25/2018 13:33
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Darkness ripens the moon tonight
and your voice travels from yesteryears like salmons
when first, my heart fell to your spell
and bloomed to your poetry
transcribed from the touch of love
How I gasp when your arm
takes my wrist to star among the things
that makes your soul proud
like a peacock in a garden!

See how far we've come
with bleeding gun wounds leaving crimson trails as we journey -
Trails colorful enough to rival the rainbow
Same fingers that pulled the trigger
strums the harp as sweetly as it hurt

I am a bow
ready to rain down all your arrows
to get legacies tied to your name
I am your lucky arrow
honored to be the shot
that brings you the glitters of the brightest stars

Tonight, I will survive the winter in my soul
as I get warmth from the jealous fire in your eyes,
breath for my hope,
wings for my dreams whose nest rests in the azure

I wish I knew what makes the strings of the guitar
moan so genially
So many rhythms must go unheard
played by my heartbeats giving birth to a million love songs you theme
You have become my holiest obsession
upon the hallowed altar of my imagination

You'll star in the movie in my head tonight
where the nectar of my flower meets your honey
after the aisle has licked my flowing gown and kissed
your broken knee.

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