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Men In Black By Frederick Elumah

POSTED 03/27/2018 14:33
1945 Reads Men In Black By Frederick Elumah, Poetry on Tushstories
Am A Man In Black
I Speak Raw-
Call It Whack,
In Glasses Of Shade Our Character We Hide,
Our Boldness Are That Of Glad',
We Had Been Called Evil,
Our Creature Made Us Odd,
Isolated From The World
We Must Live On To Survive,
I Am Taking Revenge,
The Cart Of Our Finest Art They Took,
They Made Us Colony,
Yet To Travel There We Write To Book,
Those Whites Are Really Crooks.
Wish We Can Be Like Them,
Than Eaten Up Ourselves,
In Unity We Disunite,
In Diversity We Regard,
Our Hitler Are Men On Veils,
The Hero’s Born To Prevail,
Against Western Edu,
Come To Think Of This;
The White Got Independence And Asked For Technology,
But My Own Peoples' Freedom Was An Embrace Of Religion,
Now We Are Granted Our Desire
At Every Corner Are Churches And Mosque,
Yet Our Fake Life Is Our Pride,
Our Skin Itself Is Our Jail,
We Are The Enemies Of Our Enemies,
The Black Man With A Black Brain,
Who Shout For Freedom Yet Unchained,
We Are The neglect of an abandoned ship.

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