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Mama Is A Liar By Whitney Melissa

POSTED 05/30/2018 15:34
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Mama is a 'liar'
A liar she is
She has blatantly lied to me
Right from the very start of my existence
Mama lies without batting an eyelid
Looking at me straight in the eye.

"Mama, why are you not eating?"
I would ask her innocently
Then came the lie
"I already ate at Mama Naliaka's place."
In my little heart I knew Mama was lying
As she wanted me to eat to my fill
Before feeding on what little was leftover.

My heart would ache when I saw her
Trudging up the hill to our little hut
Bone tired due to the tiresome jobs she did
My mama was a jack of all trades
All in an effort to make ends meet
"Mama, you are very tired. I will help you to prepare supper."
"No my daughter, go and study. I am but a little tired."
She lied.

Mama continued lying to me
Even when I became an adult
"Mama, come and live with me in town .Life is better there."
"Ha! My daughter. An old woman like me belongs in the village."
"I can't cope with all the noises in that town."
"The people there are not friendly like my neighbors here."
"This life is just okay."
She lied once more smiling to ease the sting caused by her blatant lie.

A machete cut her while she was tending her coffee trees
"Mama, I will take you to the best hospital I can afford."
"Daughter, you like worrying too much. The world has not festered a lot."
"I cannot go to a hospital, I fear doctors with their syringes and needles."
"I am okay. The medicine man already gave me some herbs. I will be okay."
As was her norm, she dismissed me with her lies.

She lied to me until I was old
I can still remember her last lie
She lay feeble and shivering on her bed
Like a patient with a bad case of Alzheimer's
Different maladies had ravaged her
"My daughter, I am okay."
"Take care of yourself. I love you a lot. I am going to get well soon."
She lied.
We both knew she was dying.
She clasped my hand and breathed her last.

All her lies flashed through my mind
It dawned on me that all the lies
Had been told out of love
How I loved my mother.

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