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Macabre By Dipe Jolaade

POSTED 04/22/2018 16:24
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A god of terrifying words and breathless fire;
lurking on the outside of the sinful
world, trapping lost beings and saints,
A god in form of dark and burning elegy.
A god that bits the toddler's fingers and look away,
causing agonizing pain and endless worries,
making relatives drown in the pool of their own tears,
A red eyed god of no mercy.
A god that sneaks onto our rusted roof; draining souls,
singing songs in a foreign language;
what seemed like the rhythm of the dead;
battling in a war that's lost,
A god of dark rooms and dead sun.
A god from the time of our ancestors,
that dined with our grandfather's father;
left them in a pool of closed eyes and cold body,
A god of untimely event.
A god of time; that lurks in the shadow
of the clock hung on the wall of our days,
sneaking inside during past hours and burnt night,
A god that fits the cracks of loosed time.
A god of fire; that burned history with tears that tore cities; of homeless people,
A city baked in slavery and tears,
city of millions of cries,
A god of unquenchable fire.

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