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Lions Of Africa By Aniebiet Effiong

POSTED 03/29/2018 14:05
1945 Reads Lions Of Africa By Aniebiet Effiong, Poetry on Tushstories
Africa had waxed feeble,
She had turned herself and flee,
Fear had gripped and seized on her,
Anguish and sorrow had taken her,
As a woman in travail.

But there came a seer and prophet,
Who was sent by The Maker.

"Has Africa no sons?
Has she no heir?
Why is she the prey?
Why then has the king inherited Africa,
And made his sons dwell in his cities as slaves?

Behold, Africa, the days come, says the Lord,
That I will cause an alarm of war,
To be heard in the city of thy oppressor,
It shall be a desolate heap,
Her daughter shall be burned with fire,
Then shall Africa be heir,
Unto them that were his heirs.

O ye Sons of Africa,
Gird your sackcloth,
Lament and run to and fro by the hedges,
For their king and princes shall go into your captivity.

Call together your archers,
All ye that bends the bow,
and all thy smiths, make thy swords.

Leave thy fatherless children,
I shall preserve them all,
Let all your widows trust in me.

Go, ye sons of Africa,
For though they shall come up
like a lion from the swelling of Jordan against the strong,
I shall suddenly make them run away from you.

Go, ye sons of Africa,
For I shall make thee fly as an eagle,
And you shall spread your wings over them.
I shall make the heart of their mighty men,
Be as the heart of a woman in her pangs.

Go, ye sons of Africa,
Go up against your oppressor,
A sound of battle is in the land,
And of great destruction."

There are broken walls in the garden of my heart,
like the broken walls of Jerusalem.
It takes only Nehemiah to build.

I penned this words,
To stab my depression to death.

This is in memory of our past African coup,
Whom despite the gory,
Hearkened to the seer, went and fought for our glory.

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