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Letter To Boa-ri & The Villa By Felix Zachariah Auta

POSTED 05/03/2018 13:43
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Dear BOA-ri,
I write to acknowledge your OLE-ness
Like a guest giving a condign tribute to the dead
Look how BOA-ria bathe you with mendaciloquence
Yet, Pastor Corruption said he's innocent.

You chase away Democracy
And YOU ran her Demo-CRAZY
Sister Aviation will soon divorce you
And The Land-Lords will eject you
Holy KE-RE-WA-ting - The cause of your EWU-ness
God! Long live your HIGH-ness.

Sister Leah, you sent to the market
How could she know
Her, you loved to market?
She said I should ask Gen. BOA
I asked DAPCHI
She said it's APC
As I was meditating,
I found it simple as ABC

Oh my father's land
Your shores I will keep faraway
Perhaps, until the bulls come home
If my voice can cease the powers of the air and the food of the eyes
Goliath must dance to the sling of David's feat.
If Saul will prove sturbbon - a king
Jehovah shall give Israel, David as king.

ASHEWO-rock, you perversed my father's land
House of Malevolence
Sets Oblation that caused Desolation
Nay and Hi, you sing all day
Like the Klondike, they run KLEPTO-politics
Politics of Armed-robbery
Yet, Grand Commanders of the Republic
The Republic of NEIGH-geria
The Malaria of the new era.


You brood of vipers
I can see your heart on my palms
My mother had a sea of wealth
You robbed, killed, and butchered her
She bled with no help
You are the father that make us fret
The great pillar that holds the green-white flag
The flag that yell from your mean hands of cruelty
Yet, 'I pledge to Nigeria my mother'
To avenge her death with my blood brothers
Fly away, Oh Villa
For you know the way
But remember this words:
God is a photographer
He had taken shoot of the acts and scenes of the rape
The rape, robbery, killing and butcher of NEIGH-geria
Nigeria - my dyeing mother
Did I said, 'dyeing mother'?
Alas My mother is Dead
And you have to pay the debt, with your lives
Eat, drink and be merry
For tomorrow you will take thine silent flight
A flight, come next calendar
Or a flight across the bar beyond life.

The Land wept
Benue smiled with a dagger in her heart
Water crawled down her cheeks to her bosom
Like a suckling looking for its mother
I saw graves scattered about
And the Cattle rearers gave a courtesy of dead.
I don't love to see blood
I don't trust the heart on their torso
They are our friends
Judas and Delilahs
Walking like a roaring lion
Looking for who to devour.

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