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Jane By AJ Oti

POSTED 05/17/2018 12:47
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…it wasn't a lie when I said I loved you, no.
I only told a fragmented truth,
an anticipation of a future
where you'd frame a picture that paints my happiness.
You are beautiful in every light and true, very easy to love
So I was ready to delve into any deep
so long as you'd fall too
I was ready to run any race
so long as you'd wait at the finish line
I was ready to repeat any examination
as long as you'd be the result.
I needed to be sure the hurdles where for a reason,
that the bridges weren't burning for nothing.
I was ready to make even more sacrifices
as long as love would be birth-ed from the ashes...
These were my thoughts, conceived,
yet stillborn that day she told me I was not worthy of love.
She had laughed at my pain
"how does it feel knowing you could be rejected Joe?"
her face plain as April sky, devoid of any emotion
"Joe, I’m not one of those girls you'd charm, I know you too well"
Or maybe her feelings didn't speak loud enough for me to hear,
or maybe I couldn’t read the writings of her heart.
Jane, like me had thought herself love proof,
that she had the power to bend love into whatever curve she wanted.
I still find it hard to believe that she'd die for love;
would kill herself for a lover.
But today the truth does seem scary,
Hung from a ceiling fan,
swaying silently, eyes short of Life.

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