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Inside Market, No Market By Temidayo Jacob

POSTED 05/07/2018 15:27
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The things wey all these politicians don cause,
don make all of us for here no even fit rest again.
Despite the fact say them no dey use any force,
everything wey we dey do dey bring us pain.

Everything and everywhere dry like Sambisa Forest
wey be say we no even dey see any bird dey pass.
We dey give them all our loyalty and all our best,
yet them dey lead us astray with their dead compass.

For inside king market, I dey surprise say no market.
We dey hustle everyday and night to make ends jam,
e con be like say we be people wey wear life jacket
inside canoe and we con still dey drown inside dam.

We dey go market everyday, no customer dey show.
E go con be like say person na lazy Nigerian youth.
How market no dey come again, nobody know.
But in case you know, abeg come tell us the truth.

Before before people no dey price market. No be lie.
Na because that time money dey and e plenty.
But as e dey so, them fit price till you go nearly wan cry.
Even Alabamusa go beg fifty naira till your eyes dirty.
Beggars no dey gree collect five naira like before.
Right now, na them dey name price wey them want.
These politicians just don dey make us deplore
as them no wan gree push our country go front.

E go better, e go better. We dey hear am everyday.
But when this better go better? We never hear.
We just be like fowl children wey just dey play,
dey chop and drink from ground with big fear.

Very soon the sky go just fall on top our big heads
and we go change the yeye order for this place.
We go throw these old people on top dirty beds.
No more tears for man pikin, we go see new phase.

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