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Immortal Man By AJ Oti

POSTED 05/15/2018 12:33
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If man was God,
We would sing praises at his feet
Lifting hands and waving them
In awkward looking movements
Swaying right, further right then left maybe,
Like a corn field under siege
by angry protestant winds.

If man was God,
We would look further into ancient scripts;
Searching for names not original to our believes
Until we find an incomplete text
With a word that suggest his supremacy,
But we would rewrite the text
And tell lies to complete it; Because he is God.

If man was God,
We would trade all our sane-ness
Because it wouldn't not be sin
How can it not be sin?
We would build temples to protect our greed,
We would make sure the roof grows high, higher-
So we can cower in the silence of our shame.

If man was God
Then maybe we would have worn fancy linens
And sit down right where our sins don't matter
Maybe we will smile at everyone that turns
Maybe we will shake hands with strangers.
But we would soon go back home and take off our conscience;
Wouldn't we?

But because man is not God,
Well, we can only hope he is not man.

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