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Ignore The Ignoble By Chidi Emmanuel Chinonso

POSTED 07/10/2018 12:23
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Toss them a far width with both limbs-
they that spoil the broth of conscience and sense,
they dwell amongst your allies
sieve them for their full heart of wiles.
If they twerk in the crusted discomfort of others' children-
then you must flee and find for thyself new brethren.
if they tilt an undue coin into their back-pocket-
then on them you must use the back-door and forget.
If they edge the guilty outta justice's way-
then you must roll your mat and from them go away.
If they deny the poor man his due-
thereby making him a fool,
then you must let them breath of friendlessness' dew-
until they are full.
It seems unto you, to remain, a right path-
but all who've trodden thereof have found this warning a fat fact. Dull not, use tact!
For the sanity and safety of thine skull; keep yourself apart!
Whilst amidst a multitude mixed;
make of thyself a patner with whom to be pleased.
Pluck your ears, stray your eyes, feel and sniff the ground,
chaste your hands and mix a stew of friends;
spicy with tense sense,
bubbling with fervid intellect,
and tasty with sincere concern.
Love all, hate none yet IGNORE THE IGNOBLE!!

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