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I Sat Then I Died By Adedayo Ademokoya

POSTED 05/14/2018 14:07
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I sat
on the gallon of the gunpowder of hope but it detonated frustration
Living in bits, love unlocked, freedom tangled and bleaky future
As I sojourned, the earth smiled as it sprang forth
Can’t you see? I found them, the hidden treasures, corroded
Oh lifeless gold, what have thou done? A moment you gave hope
Another, you turned numb and deaf to value. Just don’t flatter me
Don’t swat a hammer of romantic hopelessness on my dreaming head
Let me see, the value of life. Let me feel, the beauty of nature

I smiled
for the reason of the nature’s gift.
The rims of the milky moon smoothen
The rough edges of my face.
I hope the shower fall on my dusty heart
The desert waves riding on the turbulence of the night.
My right hand knocked out logic, wondering how life runs.
Give me hope. Give me fire.
Give me the reason to soar higher.
The wolf teeth of death bit courage out of me.
Do you know how to win? Teach me.
Do you have hope? Give me.
Do you have memories? Share with me.
Do you have the solution? Let me know.
I just want my treasures back.

I hung
myself with the hope of heaven leading to the lakes.
How do I make it right?
Devil’s charming smile magnetizing my soul yet,
I scheduled a meeting withGabriel.
Strangled my sauce with fervour and seasoned with fear, life has lost its salt.
Oh epitome of beauty, where art thou?
Fill me with your smile of hope
as I continue to struggle on this rope.
Please make me a bed of my corroded gold.

Then I died
After fighting the good fight of vanity.
The journey I begin as I leaked the
Wound of my righteousness.
Lucifer welcomed me and Thanatus hugged me.
Nyx sorrowing for me.
His loss is Thanatus gain.
Suddenly, I heard them
My rusty treasures.
They told me I had the keys to make them glitter again
My courage, they said was the key but it doesn’t matter anymore,
I’m dead.

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