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I Never Sent To Her By Mosope Akinrinmade

POSTED 09/13/2018 13:43
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Never speak ‘the voice of rape’, silence the sound of a pulled trigger.
Emotions are dead and my heart is scared.
Looking at the past, time has proven to be a beast in our love affair.
Hate has grown and sprouted.
Our love is gone.
If love did exist in outer space, I need the right pace because this phase of life is just a scene in my mirage.
I need a place to make my eyes see.

Give me a seed and I’d grow for you trees,
fresh and green for the whole world to see and believe that good is still in me.
Essence is life, being is living;
my breath is still, my voice is mute.
Save me!!

My strength is like the breast of an aged woman,
it’s bent like the aged man with his stick.
Run my love, run to me,
do not look back and let the view be beyond your inabilities.
Run to me, it’s shining at the end of the tunnel.
Shine bright like the sun without bearing.
Feel our hearts beat to the rhythm of our bursting romance of love.
I will stand by you.
I’d lock my hands with yours and shake the world
like the beads on the waist of an African dancing maiden.
A view of now gives a stare of scare.

Arise! Arise! Unleash the powers of the old.
Rise up and reveal the truth that is yet to be recovered.
With love,

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