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Hunchback By Fredrick Elumah

POSTED 06/23/2018 12:53
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I wandered in pool of enchantress,
Charms of wholly touches seen,
Painted lips of glass,
Kisses with shared liquors,
Desires of bedtime cuddles,
Like a hammer;
Every nail is a problem,
A disgust befallen a champ,
Who’s born flourishing,
The tale which book and pen cannot tell.

I have tasted of it-
Adams apple; a forbidden fruit embrace,
Within the fore arms of priced jewel,
Standing at one corner of dark streets,
Slaying to earn their living,
Cheaply with ease,
Daughters of Lucifer,
With rainbow dress and skinny bums,
The screams of hell attracts…

God granted me long life,
Good health and wealth,
But cursed me with hunchback;
An imperfections that muddled my life,
The hunch is the love of women,
Of breasts and stance amazing,
Love of the roads between the thickness of bushes,
At the center of the laps,
Which gives but pleasure to real men.

The church is pregnant!
Of my uncontrollable desires,
Who do I run to for help?
The book I burnt to ashes,
Or the house I abandoned,
Or the wiz whose gospel I have cursed?
My hunch is my cross,
Who will carry?

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