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Hope By Mojisola Josephine

POSTED 05/10/2018 16:47
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A cold sweat broke out on my face.
I could feel the shivers down my spine.
The icy, soul-wrenching fog around me,
The evident presence of the dementors.
How did they break out of Azkaban?
Who the hell summoned them?
Is 'You know who' behind this scene?
What on earth did I do to deserve this?
I could feel them gliding near,
Moving so close for that deadly kiss,
Just to enjoy the evil pleasure of another soul-meal,
And me the victim become worse for wear - neither dead nor alive.
The force of their closeness made me fall.
And the crowd of dementors gathered around me.
Their dark faceless hoods looming over me,
As I pant on the ground with great trepidation.
Should I say my last coherent prayers?
Or will I be rescued like Harry always was?
Someone, please help. Just help.
Even if it is a faint Patronus.
A white stag, a silver doe, I don't care.
It doesn't even have to be a full Patronus.
Just a burst of light to be rid of these soul damning creatures,
For my soul not to be sucked.
Faint and weak, I trued to shout,
With the last, few strength in me.
Soundless voice and voiceless sound,
Were the only thing I could muster.
Slowly like a hourglass,
I feel my soul slipping away.
Like a leaking cup of water,
It dripped out to the very last.
At that moment which I counted as last,
I felt the impact of a bright light.
A powerful force charged with great energy,
Behold! A white stag!
And like the zooming of a racecar,
I felt the source of life rushing into me.
With admiration, I looked beyond the white stag –
the wand that casted the Patronus,
Harry, once again, had saved the day.

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