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Home And I And Home By Adesina Ayobami Idris

POSTED 09/16/2018 15:43
865 Reads Home And I And Home By Adesina Ayobami Idris, Poetry on Tushstories
I put my face through the window,
Begging for answers from thin air:
Why did Mama stone Papa curses—
Accusing him of infidelity,
Announcing she knew the moans of Mama Moji in our bed?

Papa had just called me a bastard,
Saying Doyin and I were nothing but wastelands.
He just fetched our eyes dirty tears,
And we will cry till Niger flows with Sahara sands.

"Call Uncle Tunde!
Tell him, your home is hell,
And its people are burning!"
Our cockroach-legged neighbour barked.

This time, Mama had suffered another hit,
And she fell like a wilted leaf.
Her man just licked his face — God was busy.

Our neighbours floated in to help,
And I saw one curl her mouth up like a crab saying:
"Shame is a silent sin to them,
For their home is hell,
And its people will burn".

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