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God Is A Poet By Grace Udoh

POSTED 09/07/2018 14:03
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(Culled from the Book of Beginnings)

And the Earth was a soup of Nothingness
A bottomless Emptiness
An inky Blackness
Wrapped with gross Darkness
An entity rendered Shapeless
Murky shadows of chaos
Doom riding on the back of stagnant waters
But God's spirit brooded like a bird above the watery abyss
And His poetic voice thundered
'Let there be LIGHT!'

And lo, with spoken words
God called Light to be…

'Let there be Skies!'
And lo, the Firmament gathered in the midst of waters

'Let there be Dry land and Waters!'
Behold came forth the Earth and Seas

The Supreme Poet spoke
'Earth, green up! Grow diverse seeds bear in plants, and the tree yielding fruits in itself'
And did it not come to be as spoken by the Almighty Poet?

God spoke again
'Lights! Come out!
Shine in the Heaven's Sky
Separate day from night
Mark winter, summer, springs and autumn'

Behold! The manifestation of seasons, days, and years
The birth of two great lights; to rule the day and the nights with the stars

The Great Poet Spoke
'Swarm, Ocean with fish and all sea life
Birds, fly through the sky over the Earth'

Indeed, came into existence
Living creatures that moveth
The waters had brought forth abundantly, after its kind
And every winged fowl after its kind

'Prosper! Reproduce! Fill ocean! Birds, reproduce on earth!'

Again He spoke
'Earth generate life!
Every sort and every kind: cattle and creeping things, the beast of the earth and its kind'
And they all came to be as commanded by the Almighty Poet!

And again God spoke!
'Let us make human beings in our image,
Make them reflecting our nature,
so that they can be responsible for the earth and all that's in it'
and He spoke over them
'Be fruitful! Take charge! Dominate over every other creatures! Multiply and fill the earth! Eat every fruits, food and be fill'

And finally, the Great Poet saw that His spoken words
has called that which was not as though they were,
and they harkened unto His voice and came to be.
He saw that His Spoken words turned reality were VERY GOOD in His sight
Just through His spoken words the Earth and all that's in it became LIVING.
For in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God
A command of words
Could anything resist His words spoken with authority?

GOD IS A POET affirms Gen 1: 1-31.
And I am the daughter of a Great and Powerful Poet
Whose spoken words none can stand
Whose spoken words can never return to Him void
Little wonder I'm a Theological Poetess
I am the Spoken word of the ALMIGHTY POET!

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