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Flower Boy By Godwin Ebube

POSTED 04/28/2018 14:34
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Do dreams come true?
I knew so since I met you
I saw flowers in your eyes
And they shine
As bright as the stars
Will you be my darling
O sweet lover boo?
I could pull off a tree for you!
Hold my hands like
It's our wedding day
Let's make a toast
While we wait for bread
So, tell me your exploits
I'm open ears
You care for some ketchup?
Bread is finally here!
Oh sad,
Your eyes are running tears
Let me know
What's the matter, dear?
Let it go
I’m right with you here
You could kiss me
I sure won't care!
So, tell me what you think-
Will this ever be reality?
Will you ever hold my hands
And eat bread with me?
Will it be real
That you ever talk to me?
Oh that my heart should melt
When you kiss me?
I'm right here
Till you make the move
I don't want to be faking-
I love you
But how can I say it!
When you don't even look at me
When you don't care too!
Do dreams come true?
Come through then
My flower boy!

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