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Doltish And Terrified By Michael Odoemena

POSTED 04/07/2018 15:55
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The sun grew pale behind the trees and passed out
The moon swung into rescue with the strength of a boy scout
Fighting the blinding blackness as it began to sprout
But could only do little to sweep the looming horror out

It was in my sleep of forgetfulness that the call of nature tapped
So I set out in the darkness for the moon was dead too as I creeped
Crashing into utensils and furniture and cursing with epic falls
And up again with gesturing hands in search of the elusive walls

Now in the petrifying serenity of the night, I could hear my own heart beat
And my soul danced wantonly to the rhythm of its horrifying beat
The crickets, the Owl and other sounds I could not make out
Resonated in the deafening silence nearly making my heart jump out

Only fire flies shot bleak sparks into the enveloping darkness
I turned to the sky but it has long lost its blue and whiteness
Soft wind moved the grasses and trees now hidden in darkness
And I imagined they were monsters descending in stunning swiftness

Panning my curious eyes desperately in all directions
I scanned anxiously for bloodcurdling eyes and looming hands
Of ghosts and other works of baseless superstitions
While trembling in total surrender to fear and all its demands

I could feel my pee frozen in my bladder
If only I knew, would have asked the company of my father
So I found myself racing back to the entrance in search of dad
For I was only less than ten, a doltish and terrified lad

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