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Death By Dipe Jolaade

POSTED 04/12/2018 12:45
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It's not a tale of
how we danced in the rain,
or how we burn bridges;
to survive alone all by ourselves,
or how we learn to paint our scars
with a fake smile to the knife that
stabbed us from behind.
It's not a tale of
how "HE" broke me,
of how he ruined what we had
or how he laced our kiss with a lie
or how he satisfied the sweetness within.
It's a tale of
how hard I fell for him,
a tale of the trust I had
for him,
A tale of how he sneaked in a maiden,
A tale of how I became shattered.
It's not a tale about what's lost;
both the smile and unquenchable love.
It's not a tale of how much I loved you,
but a tale of the river that sunk my tears.
It's not a tale of how true my love was
but a tale of how little your love is.
Deep me inside the ocean of love
I won't drown! Cus I once survived.
Deep me down inside the craziness of your love,
I will lift my head high and walk!
Deep me inside the fire burning in your head
And I'd quench the flame.
Deep me not! For I know all the shades of "Death".

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