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Dear Iya Agbo By Emmanuel A. Anzaku

POSTED 04/08/2018 19:05
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What have we done?
The sweat from your
Desert stranded gele
Has fallen into your
potent concoction;
Its alcoholic content
Has crossed ninety.
When will your gele find
An oasis of germ fighters?

Dear Iya Agbo!
What have we done?
These substances you introduced
To compliment the roots
Of our native science
aren't good for us. We are not mad.
We are not sickly

Dear Iya Agbo!
Shall we take you to the
Walls of our college
Where paintings of young lasses
Hug interludes and vouchers
Of their trips visiting spirits;
the land of tumbling skies,

Inconsistent sunrise,
inexplicable chills and heat,
Loss of real time, loss
Of humanity's idea of sanity.
Dear Iya Agbo!
Why don't you taste your own poison?

Why do you not wallow
In your own trance?
Why do you deny
Being a goddess?

Dear Iya Agbo!
You have taken worries
Mounting them on your head
Disguised as a basin.
These worries you carry
At a price; dinning with
The gods of our land,
The miscreants of reality
And purveyors of progress. You play
With the chasms of tomorrow.

Dear Iya Agbo!
Why deny being a goddess?
Why do you toy with tomorrow's
Victories? Why erase
Our roots with our
Ancestor's roots?

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