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Diamond, Now Dark-Moon By Isaac Archibongpoet

POSTED 03/31/2018 13:23
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Yesterday, I saw your beautiful face in the busy crowd,
moving as would a shadow into the dark
and those red butterflies long dead
were brought back to life by the thought of you...
Diamond, my lost diamond,
wasn't my stale heart once moistened by your Love's dew
until your comely but slippery form slipped out of my reach
into an unknown shrub?
Diamond, my diamond,
do tell me of why your hardened heart
wasn't melted by the burning heat of my unrivalled love!
For I came not as flies would a sore,
but to make you the crowned princess of my world.
We vowed not to let go our cloying chaining love,
until you replaced our bags of ivories with your dirty sacks of lies.
You chased me into that unloving street
where I was mulched by acidic rain,
that mercilessly depleted my once blossoming form,
and lo I became a bag of bones...
and now sorors who once admired my comely form
are now scornfully starring at my fallen shoulder blades
and this pin head that's now hanging like a tattered nest...
As my wandering mind
now grope in the dark lane of your twisted path,
tell me: are you still the diamond I once unearthed
or just a dark-moon casting rays of doubts...?

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