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Crack Is Beautiful By Onyinechi Grace

POSTED 10/06/2018 16:33
721 Reads Crack Is Beautiful By Onyinechi Grace, Poetry on Tushstories
Beautiful solid ware.
A rock of class,
Made not of clay
But of gold and diamond, silver and amber.
How enough could you be appreciated?
Such endowment that could be seen by the blind.
Fresh, like the pumpkin finding its way out of the piggery dung.
Your being is nothing less than perfect.
And you know,
I'm sure you do.
No wonder you’ve been mindful of a crack.
You know,
The first I saw you,
I described your step as delicate,
And yourself as a glass rack.
A stock in the chamber by the quarters of silence
And then you dropped the cack,
The way you talked,
I knew for once, what could be written all over the rack
“I fear cracking” was the inscription.
Your carriage told me all,
With just a blink I would give your description.
You are that being as round as the ball,
You’ve never contended for connection.
The world around you roll,
Streamingly you slip into the right situation.
I know you,
And that’s who you are.
But it’s not all about you.
It’s about the air in you
The atmosphere
No, it’s your nature,
Your nurture,
What people will say to you
What we will say about you
What we would think of you
This and that just about you.
As the dawn comes to dusk
You are just a monument of fear
Fearing failure and fearing fear
And so you form
Feeling fly and flying flawed
Pretending you feel fine
But I know you.
I know,
The unrelenting hunger for success in you.
I know,
The deep thirst for freedom in you
I know,
How you struggle to silence the noise within
But you fear a break up
You fear to crack up
And then you hide even behind the rack, behind you.
Rottening withIN
While showcasing your shiny classy glass self on the OUT
You Stink!
You’ve been eaten up
You need a break
Wait! Stop!
Hike up,
Not the long walk for pleasure
It’s a walk for a think;
How selfish you'd been with the things in you,
The talent you refused to show up
Is beginning to speak down of you.
The pains you refused to show up
Already has begun its show on you.
Wake up
Break up
Fear not
Speak up
Crack up
Shed it all off
And build up
For a cracked up clay jar leaking oil and honey is more useful,v Beautiful,
Than an empty, stored up beautifully useless gold jar.

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