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Come Tomorrow By Grace Udoh

POSTED 09/04/2018 12:33
857 Reads Come Tomorrow By Grace Udoh, Poetry on Tushstories
He'll join the train of great men, come tomorrow
He'll lead the terrain, come tomorrow
The mountains he'll conquer, come tomorrow
His success, everyone would wonder, come tomorrow
He had been busy today, so he'll wait for tomorrow
To gather strength and refire, come tomorrow
But tomorrow came as Today in Yesterday, in so many days
He wasn’t ready to use today till tomorrow

Procrastination has always played the victim card
To earn pity from the Come Tomorrow ones
It looks so pitiful, shrinks and sings of enough time ahead
Wait a little more, till things get better, definitely tomorrow
Poor orphan adopted by the lazy
For today is never enough till tomorrow

Oh I wish tomorrow would come early today
That I may go in pursuit of my dreams
Fulfilling my very purpose I wrote yesterday in today's diary
I have the cart, I have the horse, but the road isn't smooth
I'll wait, perhaps by tomorrow it would be cleared

Piled up dreams of yesterday
Overlapping the opportunities of today
Never lived to see the birth of the much anticipated tomorrow
Procrastination, the good fertilizer that grew his slothfulness,
was the poison that killed his tomorrow
The longer he allowed today slide,
the harder to see tomorrow come by
And all he could have achieved today,
he pushed them for the morrow

Only if he knew today was the tomorrow he planned yesterday
There in his grave he laid; old, lifeless and unfulfilled
He had cheated himself with the hope of tomorrow
Yet he lived all his lifetime, and never saw TOMORROW

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