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Coloured Scars By Uketui Anthony

POSTED 03/23/2018 14:44
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Wild scratches and deep cuts,
Painful lashes, colored scars,
Swallowed egos, no buts,
Torn soles and swollen feet’s
Servants or soldiers,
Hazy eyesight, tear-filled,
Dark circles, swollen eyelids,
Concentrated tears and sweat,
Trickles and droplets,
The story begins, a four paged one,
Page one, red marks seen,
Torn clothing’s stained with helpless echoes,
Bloody sweats and pitiable tears,
Stained with footprints of unimaginable predators,
Prey injured, prey devoured, prey scared
Scared with those red marks,
Second page, yes second page, blue marks seen,
Blue strides, plain blue, sky blue, just blue,
Steep holes and deep hills, tasty creeks,
Spicy lakes coated with salt grains,
Dying plants and animals, dying humans,
Illness the prevailing order,
Toddlers and adults, none escapes this,
It looked healthy, it was blue,
Concentrated tears and sweat,
Trickles and droplets,
The second to the last page, grey colored,
Hazy, blurry, plain,
Lions roar in pain, mice the same,
They all growl and whine in fear,
They tear up, and sulk in pain,
Lost cubs, lost pride, lost egos,
Their heads bowed down they roamed the streets,
Their clothes an eyesore, their footsteps misery,
Untraced footprints, battered soles,
Weather, nature or themselves?
Clenched teeth and hardened fists,
Angular arms stretched forth,
They suffered, their lives were hazily blurred
Not lucid, can’t see the pages well,
Partly torn, the writings faded,
Their lot was traded,
They were deeply scared,
Page 4, summary of strife,
Bones crushed and battered,
Trampled on and smashed,
I mean their lives,
Peeled lips and wailing tongues,
Grey on their hairs,
Mourning and weeping their dead,
Sobs of pain, no burial fee,
Left to the birds of the sky,
Left to the pawpaw trees,
Red in their mouth,
Watery bleeding jaws,
Shaky teeth and sticky gums,
Empty words, sorry no tongues,
Stains made on haggard clothes, and dusty soles,
Stains to their bodies as their flesh leaked,
Tints of blue found, gushing waters
From those dirt filled wells,
Slimy blue, from those narrow pits,
All emitted, no joy, just strife pain and strife
Wild scratches and deep cuts,
Painful lashes and colored scars,
Concentrated tears and sweat,
Trickles and droplets,

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