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Chima By Uketui Anthony

POSTED 10/10/2018 13:37
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Its late, it’s extremely late,
But, I can’t, I just can’t,
I must, I just have to,
It was your day, but no presents,
It was your day, but it’s in the past,
But no, I will write as if its tomorrow,
Permit me, that’s my form of expression
Celebrations are key but that’s just luck,
Cos the dead aint got one,
“Describe Chima” my pen said
“Right away” it echoed.
Having no option, I started,
Dear Chima, you are a talented artist,
I envy u for being so unique,
Dear Chima, you always wished for more physical height
but your skill has heightened,
Dear Chima why always speak the truth,
Sometimes be human,
My pages are failing me, I can’t totally describe u,
My notepads are filled,
You might as well had made a sketch of the world before birth,
Or maybe referred blood as paint,
Or maybe birthed with a pencil, tightly clenched, right-armed
you’ve always had an artist’s instinct,
I thought when the likes of DaVinci passed, it went extinct,
But you are totally a rebrand,
I could remember the eve of our drawing exams,
Where you taught I, Joel, Ugo, Don and Osmond,
I could remember, how we all struggled,
But you seemed to be having fun,
You totally seemed so,
Eventually I got a C and you an A,
I didn’t regret, why will I?
I could, if only it was the converse,
That was your specialty and your charm,
Or the day, you approached me in the canteen,
And uttered the words ”Teejay did you know I can draw?”
It might sound funny, but it’s reality,
From total strangers we became drinking buddies,
We became classmates, course mates and neighbors,
We obviously had a network, we shared, we received,
Up to this day I still admire your intellect and humility,
Up to this day, I do man, (no homo),
Lol, I was just testing humor,
I’m out! I’ve tried forcing this few words,
Some overlapped, some didn’t
It might seem lengthy, but forgive me,
For I was just following orders from my pen,
Although its past, please accept this as a present
For I’m writing this as if its tomorrow,
Happy birthday Chima Michael.

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