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Body For Sale By Temidayo Riches Ogunleye

POSTED 09/05/2018 13:33
1585 Reads Body For Sale By Temidayo Riches Ogunleye, Poetry on Tushstories
She entered her room,
bringing out her phone from her bag,
she banged the door...

I ain't ready for bullshit
I've got it, I'm gonna flaunt it
As long as I ain't a culprit
Yeah, I'm gonna flaunt to my last bit

Going through the blog
No one is a clog
I rule, I'm no one's cog
I don't care,
I don't give a damn!
Yeah, none can give me a flog
Since none's filling my mug

My body is mine
The token I get at work can only feed the swine
Eh eh, it can't buy me a wine

She went naked and bare
Yeah...smiling...I've got my boobs and ass
I can leave it bare
After all none's paying my fare
I am bold, I can dare
I just don't care

And there she goes, sending her nudes to Jude
And there it goes from the dialogue
to the blog like goods placed on catalogue
for sale

Hmm umm.
These were my thoughts as I jogged
When a human begins to leap like a frog,
I'm sure there is a problem.

Her body is for sale
On a catalogue
From a dialogue
When she isn't a dog
She must have been blinded by the fog

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