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Between A Baby And God By Okeke Onyedika Prezide

POSTED 04/11/2018 16:15
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In a home where he grew up
were men on a wet bench
and sacrifices on their hands;
They dreamt under cracked roofs
to wake up with burnt flowers marked on their palms.
At five years was a start to a man’s life.
a light glowing in his eyes,
to search for a room where he belong.
Believe me school girls was all he saw
at a place stamped with black footprints that lead to the backyard where he was born.
At twelve,
I was taught two things that would kill me:
Bathing my tongue with strange waters
without asking the whereabouts,
They say there is no road to overcome fears,
But if I don’t learn my ways, I would soon go to hell.
In my father's house were old men
with Chorus on their tongues;
They say songs are seeds planted in the heart;
It would live as long as your heart beats.
They don't want to die yet.
Two decades ago
was about thoughts of the birth
of a young boy:
In the belly of a school girl,
wetting her cheeks in a dark room. Heads gathered and left their tongue at her doorstep, singing,
"we will watch you die."
I grew up to understand my mother's fear—Death.
she said,
"Death canters life".
Today a young boy stands on the soil of Idemmili,
Moulding blocks
to build earth a heaven
since his prayer-wings could not fly high.
in his prayers are;
patience is a snail on a thorn soil
loaded with the dreams of women;
a bunch of keys in the hand of the blind before a door;
one gives a clue to another.
I want to take the wine of this earth sip by sip.
A plant with a single branch.
they say to love, you must first hate your fears
and a preacher said;
"Go home now and love your enemies”
I was born with a single heart,
a single tongue and two nose;
I don't know which to give to love
believe me I still want to live.
they say for a heart to be true,
happiness must be placed on the lips.
There are two roads to happiness;
say truth; say faith and make them a verb.
I want to be an angel
with a sword of faith on my hand,
to give "Gloria" a truth
to plant true happiness on earth.
And she plants a god and a man.

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