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Best Mum Ever By Uketui Anthony

POSTED 03/11/2018 14:55
2607 Reads Best Mum Ever By Uketui Anthony, Poetry on Tushstories
Drink and food received,
Motherly aura perceived,
White gloves and white gowns,
Labor room, mixed feelings,
Either of the two, pain or joy,
Cracked ceilings, tear filled rooms,
Pain and stress she felt,
Joy and joy all felt,
From wedding halls to labor room,
From wedding bells to childbirth screams
Still tender with no wisdom,
I bit her nipples, trampled on her belly,
Caused her pain, just to feed,
Let out tears, when hungry and thirsty,
Yet no sign of pain was expressed facially and behaviorally,
Sleepy eyes, scattered hairs, I noticed,
Yet I was showered with love and affection,
Growth occurred, I knew her as my mother,
Over the years she became my friend and lover,
She told stories of how she changed my diapers,
How she spanked me when I peed on her,
While listening, smiles appeared unintentionally,
Her bright smile and caring attitude, I envied dad,
Nine months wasn’t a joke she often said,
It wasn’t nine days, nor was it nine weeks,
I reckoned with this after watching an episode of greys anatomy,
The labor room posed like a battle field,
Where the white-gowned men or women are ruthless soldiers,
Raining bullets in form of push, push, push,
While the mothers or future mothers are the victims,
With their weapon being only their unborn,
And their husbands, anyways just there,
Growth occurred, I was happy she was my father’s wife,
And pitied the fact that she went through a lot of strife,
With her pained waist, she still stood tirelessly in the kitchen,
Especially at nighttime’s, straight from her workplace, to the kitchen,
She wasn’t the master nor the head,
Yeah, but she is very much inevitable,
Her food the best, her words impactful but not hurtful,
Her actions exemplary, her physique a sight to behold,
She was near perfect,
In my next life, I hope she bears the pain,
Endure the strife as she has always done,
I hope , wish and pray I become your nine month package,

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