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Bastard Snow By Felix-Joe Chibunkem

POSTED 05/03/2018 13:46
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A Bastard baby born to the world,
Snatched by inquit-uous women,
Who call themselves Child-pickers,
Keeping them in an unfenced building.
Child picker? "Oh ye!! We picked her,
From the gutters" they would say.

Gifts flooding the home
Like a pastor conducting a fundraising,
Yet the so called child picker
Corner most of the gifts to their homes,
Unlike the ushers who corner little amount of the fundraising.
Leaving the children go hungry,
Yet pressures the government to hurry,
So as to send money for the kids they kept health-y.
Why won't the child grow lean in fury?

Now the child is fourteen,
Been reminded that she's a bastard,
By some 6 years-child-looking-parents
Who adopted her to their house.
She wasn't denied her pharaoh maltreatment
But this time from the scary mother of the house.
Sitting at the balcony every morning,
With eyes fixed nowhere; She yearns for a real mummy.
Tears roll her cheek,
Ears tremble like the snare drums,
Lips practicing the act of dividing the red sea
Nose breathing corrup-tible and bad aspect of life,
Face not different from a woman who's mourning.

Unhooked her unwashed half a decade days bra,
Being a broken mirror of her-own-self,
Needs no seer to whisper to her;
"You are like the wound-ed Jesus"
And now;
Tears are dried,
Ears unbeaten,
Lips to its normal state,
Face stealthy unfading.
"Yes" She's determined.

She walks in the street of determination,
Optimisti-cally or Pessimisti-cally, She doesn't care.
With her tender breast, she joins prostitution,
Coz she has seen her foster mum doing that without fear.
"Oh tender breast!! Oh tender va-gina " Men will cry,
She endures the "tender" mantra until she turned eighteen.
Now a Jesus of a sept-enary-girl-team
Getting pittance from sex-hungry-looking-men,
Even married men also pay their tithe to thee.

She then looks back from where she started,
Passing the gates and hades of suffering,
Growing in hunger unlike now that she's fattened,
Back to her present state, she stopped murmuring.

Visited by some stuffs,
My biology teacher called STD's,
She goes to the Hospital,
Being told by the man with a pair of talking drums stick,
That the STD's has graduated.
She cries, regrets and dies.

Facing God and his host of scary angels,
She remembers that she hasn't thought of something like "the heavens",
Books opened back to back,
And she was admitted to heaven.
Due to his mercies and unconditional love,
God doesn't want her to pass through another hell.
Devil also pitied her saying to himself,
"If God should send her here, I will send her back to the world".

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