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Arise! By Adedayo Ademokoya

POSTED 10/01/2018 16:33
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The lady with the doe-like eye
melting them that are of a mountainous hearts
She would leave you nowhere than sweep you off your feet.
Those tomato red lips; the desire of every tongue
to partake of the communion of honey drips.
Her sleeky neck would make an angel fall; 'cause
they are the bridge to the valley of eternity
Oh, those soft bosom; welcoming to the eye,
saucy to the mouth and tempting to the hands.

You can't but know that she is the beauty that is
called; blessed art thou among women. Her
rubbery hips would engulf your passion to touch,
to own, to personalize. Just right below her hips,
the complete set of the eight figured being that
the Creator created on His day of rest. The
swerving of these twin steering can drive you
into the ditch; not of carelessness but of elegance.
That perfect body mounted on the straightest legs
ever imagined. My jaw drop in adoration. The sun
fearing to stain her beauty decided not to come out
but it cannot help but steal a covert glance at her.
Her sacred latchet the desire of every man.

This was the woman I came out from.
Those times; she was a 'hot cake'. In
her naivety, she was deceived to be loved.
Till the succulence of her breast gone and
the angelic face wrinkled not of old age but
of brutality of men. I know not of my father
because she told me she was raped. Not
once or twice but repeatedly. Who or what
am I to claim? A descendant of the moon or
the sun's bastard?
She has been suckled dry. Her once fertile land
worse than a desert. I can see the love in her eyes
but she's feeble. She talks of her heroic deeds; the
reminiscence of joy. She feels she can be energized,
all her children fighting themselves for nought.
She lay there blinking and battling death.
As I stood at her bedside, she says, 'I will be well again,
only if my children can unite'.

I stand in the midst of the storm and hurricane to
preach, to edify and to encourage.
Now is the time to unite to heal our land
To extinguish the fire of resentment
Arise! Nigeria, arise!

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