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All I Believe In By Uwen Precious

POSTED 07/11/2018 15:23
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(For Binty)

Remember how it started
How you moved alongside our group heading northward
And how tender, lovely and petite you were,
in those not so bad skimpy skirts

And yet you were so loud when you chatted with your friends
along the path that led us home

Remember how you got a glimpse of a fair, naive and appreciative being,
who was so much irritated by your 'lordship' over the other girls

It was a bluff, he was so attracted to you instantly
He fidgeted a bit and beckoned on his friend to tell to him who, how, and your every whereabouts

I remember how you jerked into the class a bit late, the next day,
and the sight of you gave chills to my spine
Fact is, it caused a spark in thine Life

Some part of me that died was raised to live again
And i wrote you a poem, it was titled ''Blind''

But I hid it, cause I couldn't show it to you
My limb couldn't move
and my lips grew purple
The first time I asked that I see your eyes without your glasses on

Let's fast forward to this time that you are in my arms
Let's reminisce,
Let me watch you go back to sleep as I sing,
and call you the name I coined for just 'you'

You calm heart thumps
and mollify my rage
The thought of your beauty is enough to set a ship on sail;
It is enough to make the seas quake and calm fierce tides

All I believe in is God
for letting you towards my direction.

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